The Teahouse(Maligne Canyon)

Distance: 20.4km loop

Time Required: ~2 – 3 hrs

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Image/map coming soon

Description:  This trail offers some great views of the Jasper area with quite a mix of terrain; fast single track, loose gravel, steep climbs and descents, and some rooty rocky sections.  Take trail 14 from town to Old Fort Point then take the east branch of Trail 7 behind the Jasper Park Lodge, there are great views at the top of the loose gravel “hill of broken hearts and dreams”, things are fairly fast and flat until you head up the final section of trail 7 to climb to the Maligne Canyon Teahouse.  Descend the steeps on 7h then turn right and follow trail 7 as it hugs the Maligne river to Sixth bridge.  Return to town taking trail 7 along the Athabasca river and then Trail 13 after crossing the Moberly bridge and Highway 16.

Directions: This trail starts from town, no driving needed.

Dangers and Annoyances:  Watch for horses along trail 7 behind Jasper Park Lodge, if horses are encountered give them right of way as they can easily spook.  Step off the trail and allow them to pass before continuing your ride.  The Maligne Canyon area is another location popular with tourists.  During peak season it is best to travel this area in the morning or late evening.  Check for seasonal closures on Trail 7 due to elk calving and grizzly bear activity, a link to Parks Canada trail closures can be found in our Resources section.

Options: Park at 5th or 6th bridge to make this a shorter loop.  Check out all the majesty at the Maligne Lookout located ~300m downhill from the Teahouse.

Dude Option:  Burn some laps at the canyon!  The section of trail 7 that you will have just climbed as you arrive at the Teahouse is affectionately known as Andretti’s starting at parking lot 15 and ending at the junction with 7g, it’s fast, loose, and techy on the descent.  Climb back to the teahouse on 7f, or for extreme dudeness try to clean 7h on the climb.