The Jasper Park Cycling Association (JPCA)  is a not for profit cycling group whose mission is to preserve and improve cycling opportunities within Jasper National Park for both residents and visitors.

What does the JPCA do?

  • Educates and communicates to users about wildlife needs, trail etiquette, and National Park values.
  • Provides a resource and voice for cycling enthusiasts.
  • Encourages cycling as a fun, healthy, and safe lifestyle.
  • Collaborates with Parks Canada, the Jasper Trails Alliance(JTA), and other stake holders to improve cycling experiences within Jasper .
  • Contributes to maintenance with an eye for cyclist’s needs through regularly scheduled trail maintenance sessions.

Our Story

The JPCA was formed in September, 2012 in response to Jasper National Park’s (JNP) plan to close large areas of the Park to mountain bikers.  By meeting and working with officials of JNP many trails previously in danger of being closed were amalgamated with the Parks official trail network.  The JPCA aims to ameliorate cycling opportunities within JNP through trail maintenance and construction, adding to the Wildland trail network, and providing a voice for cyclists with the JTA and communications with Parks Canada.

The JPCA also looks to build a stronger cycling community by providing a common source of information for cycling news, a point of contact for newcomers and noobies, promotion of events and goings on, and support of local businesses who promote cycling.  Although the JPCA started through a need for the mountain bike community to come together, it has since evolved to support and represent all disciplines of cycling in the park.


JPCA Board Members

  • Chair –  Manu Loir-Mongazon
  • Vice Chair - Beth LeBlanc
  • Secretary – Marc Vien
  • Treasurer - Sheila Hample
  • Head of Bike Park project - Matt Staneland
  • JTA Liaison – Rob Prinz
  • Communications – Andrew Loughlin
  • Social Media - Erin Reade
  • Events – Ali Mason
  • Fundraising - Lindsay Connolly