A big shout out to our corporate sponsors!

A corporate membership is a way for local riders, families, small businesses and large organizations to give just a little more back to the trails and cycling community here in Jasper. We understand that not everyone has the resources or time to commit to our Trail Maintenance Days or events. But that's ok, because as a Corporate Member, your extra funds go right back into the trails and cycling community to help with the fulfillment of the JPCA’s mission and goals.

So what else do you get for the extra bucks besides extra trail karma?

  • Two (2) Adult Membership cards for the season of purchase
  • Recognition on our Corporate Members page with a link back to your business
  • Recognition of your support to the JPCA to be displayed in your business
  • Promotion at all JPCA Events

Connecting your small business with the JPCA shows goodwill and increases your brand awareness in the local community.