The Jasper Park Cycling Association is a non-profit organization, without membership we cannot exist.  The JPCA is important to you as a cyclist because it gives you a voice to maintain cycling access to trails in Jasper National Park.  Additionally, the JPCA is actively working to build new trails and maintain existing trails with cyclist needs in mind.  This builds a better trail network and a stronger biking community for everyone.

Show how passionate you are about cycling in Jasper National Park and become a member.

Why Become a Member?

Membership has plenty of benefits, not only are you supporting improved cycling opportunities within JNP, but you are invited to JPCA events, eligible for prizes, become a trail steward through maintenance sessions(and in the process become certified to maintain trails in the park), and get the inside scoop on what direction cycling is headed in JNP.  Of course you also become part of the brotherhood(and sisterhood) of rad people who rip around the Park on two wheels!

Where Does The Money Go?

Membership dues cover insurance & administration costs. Excess funds will be used to purchase supplies for running events, trail building tools and future projects.

How to become a member

All memberships transactions are now completed online.  Becoming a member is quick and easy, just click the link at the top of the page and follow the instructions.  Our online transactions are administered by CCN bikes, they take care of the details of secure transactions and the paperwork associated with having a membership.  This ensures safe financial transactions and frees up our volunteers to take care of important Association matters and build a better cycling community.